Peir C

Peir C was where my fun began. There wasn’t much to see on B or D, so i will start here.


Ultimate Joy is an Ocean Alexander yacht. She is registered here in Petoskey, and this happens to be my first time seeing her, so either she is brand new, or was recently purchased by her owners, or it might not be here that often.


The next boat, which is behind Ultimate Joy, is Tresor. She’s registered in Miami, but she might not even go there.


Looking at the above satellite image,that might be her in sturgeon bay, Wisconsin. I’m not 100% certain thats her.


Speaking of which……


There appears to be multiple boats here from sturgeon bay yacht club. however, i will note that there were 4 yachts here with the SBYC Burgee, but two of them had harbor springs as their ports of registry. this all could have something to do with taxes, or the owners residency. I’m not sure however.


One of those is MOJODSCF9368

the other is Flying Lady


My next stop is peir B. The only intesting thing here is the DNR boat Rick Asher


Pier D was disapointing. nothing big there. just some smaller boats. if you like that, then that’s cool with me.


I’ll leave you here for now. My next stop was the other side of the bay to visit some old friends, and make some new ones.


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