Dix Street

On December 26, 2015, I ventured to the main branch of this very blogs namesake, the rouge river, to photograph the old Boblo Boat Ste. Claire, as well as the Kaye E BarkerDSCF0456

the Ste Claire is docked at the former Detroit Lime Dock located at the Dix Street Bridge. after sitting for years in the Nicholson slip, it was moved here in November so it could have continued restoration efforts and structural work doneDSCF0473

the restoration team has made significant progress in the last few years. although the boat looks in terrible shape, progress is being made.

her lower deck has been fenced in to prevent unwanted boarding’s. she also has a nice looking gangway that was built by volunteers.DSCF0492

Here comes the boat I’ve been waiting for!DSCF0499

the Kaye E Barker is the only AAA boat built with a three deck pilothouse, giving her a unique profile


her normal route of trade is iron ore from Marquette, Mi to AK Steel in Dearborn,mi, which is just up the river from the Dix street bridgeDSCF0517

not even docked yet, the crew is busy removing the hatch covers.DSCF0521

the 1952 built classic has just cleared the draw span of the Dix street bridge


The Rouge Complex awaits.


the barker, a former ford boat, makes her final turn into the slip where she will unload over the next six hours before going to Toledo, Ohio to load coal for Essar-Algoma in the Canadian Soo, before going back to Marquette.


this would prove to be my last boat of 2015. it was a little bit of a slow year, but was finished off with a strong December showing. I’m trying to get caught up on my photos, so my next few posts might be out of order. Here’s to an exciting 2016 of boat watching!


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