The New Kid

I previously promised a strong start to my 2016 boat-watching adventures. January 16th proved me right. on that day, there were 4 ships making daytime passages of the bluewater area, and i choose to take advantage. First stop: Marine CityDSCF0565

My first ship of the Year was the newest on the lakes, Lower Lakes Towing’s Manitoulin.


Originally built as a tanker in 1991 at Uljanik Shipyard in Pula, Croatia, and visited regularly as the A)Treslsi, B)Euro Swan, and C)LaLandia Swan, before being converted to a bulk carrier at Chengxi Shipyards in Jiangyin, China from ’14-’15


of note, the CSL trillium boats were built by Chengxi Shipyards, and Algoma is currently building several equinox class vessels at Uljanik Shipyard.DSCF0567

her forward unloading boom allows her greater flexability at unloading ports compared to other vessels



She is taking her last load of the year, a grain cargo from Thunder Bay, Ontario to Toledo, Ohio, where she would unload over the next few days. She would then head up to Sarnia for winter lay-up.DSCF0577.JPG

There’s more to come still! will update next week!


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