My name is John Tokarz. This page is dedicated mostly to my two main passions: boats, and running. I Have had a strong interest in the ships that ply the great lakes ever since I was a little kid. My running interest started in middle-school, and has continued into college.

Most of the stuff that I will post in the early life of this blog will focus on older things. I have taken many ship photos in the past. however, due to a few hard drive crashes, un-intended deletions, or misplaced files, I have no clue where these photos might be. If I find them, I will share.

I also have a large interest in engineering. Im currently pursuing a career as a Naval Architect, and I might use my engineering background when appropriate on this blog.

My running background includes a pair of sub-2 hour half-marathons, several dozen 5k’s, a few 5 milers, a 500 mile offseason, 11 pairs of running shoes, and several thousand miles and climbing of rubber, concrete, ashphalt and dirt.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you enjoy your visit.


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