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You might have noticed a theme here: Boats, Boats, Boats!

If you have read the “About” for this blog, you know this blog is not entirely dedicated to boats. if you didn’t, well this might shock you.

aside from boats, I have a strong passion for running. with that said, here are a few pictures.


On april 12, 2014, I ran my first half marathon. thats 13.1 miles, 21.08 Km, 69217 ft, half the distance from marathon to athens, and what other units of distance you wish to use.

Martian half

Now there is one thing I must point out. At this time, I was still in High School, and it was the middle of my track season. the following Monday, my coach made me do 13.1 pushups. How does one do .1 push-ups?


for this being my first half marathon, my time and place wasn’t bad. my age group place wasn’t great, but overall, i actually did better than i would have expected. I even predicted i would finish in with a 7:45 mile pace. I was only 26 faster than that.

Fast forward to the last weekend of september 2014. I once again returned to Harbor Springs, for the Little Traverse Half Marathon. This was the second annual running of the event. the previous year i had plans to run it, but shin splints got the best of me and prevented that from happening.


The race started here


went through here


to here, then through Petosky State Park,


finally ending down there.

Now, Harbor Springs and Bay Harbor are less than 3 miles apart. but you have Little traverse bay in the way. This particular race, i made the dumb choice to not train for. I some how finished in 1:52, and finished 1st in my age group. going back downstate the next day was terrible, however. that is not something that i plan to do again in the near future.


With that said, The KLAA track season starts on Tuesday, March 31st. Best of luck to all athletes this season.


Summer Throwback #4

Some more from the Soo. these images were taken from the valley camp


the Norgoma is former Georgian Bay ferry turned museum ship in the Canadian Sault. her future doesn’t look too bright


Nor does the Yancanucks future either.


the Reliance and Avenger IV don’t see as much use now as they once did, but are still used when needed


Anna Marie Altman, Sioux, and Either WJ Ivan Purvis, or WI Scott Purvis, as well as a landing craft, and a trawler type pleasure craft in the back.

after leaving the soo, we ventured about 2 hours west to Grand Marias,MI. Not much to see there, the big boats don’t come around here much. but there is a lighthouse. 2 actually. and an eroding sand dune.

210 209211

then, we went 50 miles south, and another 30 miles west, to Manistique,MI. there was one yacht here, and several fishing tugs, so i had to photograph them.

219 220 218

this was a LONG day. we didn’t arrive back in Pellston, which is 20 miles south of Mackinaw, until about 11:00 pm, thanks to stops at a natural spring, and the Cut River Bridge, and Bridgeview Park in St. Ignace. I didn’t take any more good photos, so i will close out with the manistique pier light.


First ships of 2015

Yesterday I happened to be downriver, so I figured I might as well go out and catch my first ships of 2015, the Algosea and Alpena at ecorse’s john dingell park. This was my first time there.


since I have seen Algosea almost every time I’ve ventured up to the Bluewater region, I didn’t bother to take a lot of pictures of her


She has been taking cargos across Lake Erie to naticoke all winter. Now why did I come here today?


Ah, it’s the Alpena. The oldest operating vessel on the lakes since last spring. Originally named the Leon Fraser, she is the last of the US Steel AA “super” class of lakers. In 1991, she was reduced from her original size by 120′ and converted to a cement carrier.


she is passing between fighting island and mud island, and is heading to her namesake port.


i couldn’t miss the fact that for it being only the second full day of spring, the fishermen were out in their little boat today. It was 35* outside when this was taken.


that wraps up this post. As I post this, Alpena has already turned around, and has arrived in Detroit to unload powdered cement.

Summer Throwback #3

the following morning (July 29th) I ventured to the UP. 154

About 45 minutes later, after a detour off of I-75, we arrived in Sault Ste. Marie to see some big boats


Okay, the Wilfred M Cohen and Her Barge might look small inside the Poe Lock, but in comparison to Seaquest, the barge is 302′ long, nearly twice the size of the yacht featured here previously


Here comes  the MV Buffalo

167 166

These deckhands are watching clearances. The guy on the right might be a Cadet from the Great Lakes Maritime Academy.

168 169

 the business end of the unloading boom.  Is that Taconite?!

184 189

the man in the center of the left photo must be heading home. on the right, we can see the ship at a superior level in the MacArthur lock.

190 194

this man told the crowd they were off to silver bay to load taconite. With that, i will wrap this post up. More from the Soo to follow.

Summer Throwback #2

My previous post was kind of long. This one will be shorter.


After leaving Harbor Springs, I ventured over to Petoskey state park. It was clear that the Little Traverse Yacht Club was holding a regatta that day


This is the one vessel that clearly didn’t fit in. This is Laughing Dolphin. She has an interesting story regarding taxes. More details on that in a future post, when i had a chance to get closer to her.


Meanwhile, a storm was moving through to the south.


From a distance, you can see Harbor Springs. Even from 4 miles away, Seaquest is still one of the largest things in sight. If you look closely, you can see that Elegante has shifted to the transient dock, about to depart.






Bay Harbor- sight of a former cement plant, later filled in to create a giant man-made lake, is like harbor springs, a playground for the wealthy. Want an empty lot with frontage on both the harbor and Little Traverse Bay? I hope you have $5 million dollars.

That wraps up this post. The following day included a trip to Yooperville. Will post that later today.

Summer Throwback #1

On July 28,2014, I made one of several trips I would make in the course of the following week to the resort town of Harbor Springs, MI.


Harbor Springs just happens to be the deepest natural harbor in all of the Great Lakes.


It also happens to be a playground for the wealthy. Featured here is the Motor yacht Seaquest. Most owners of large yachts are kept a secret for purposes of privacy, but in the case of Seaquest, and several other large yachts in town, I just happen to know who owns what. Thank you, Google.


Seaquest is owned by Amway Co-founder Richard Devos


A Westport 164′, her line is the largest MPFG yacht line in the world, at 498 tons. All of her sisters are registered in the Cayman Islands.

Kitsune is owned by his son, Dick Devos. This is a 80′ Hatteras, registered in Holland, Mi


On the other side of Walstroms marina, we find Sunquest, Elegante, and Canim, as well as Simba and Rodeo


Sunquest, like the other ‘quest in town, is also owned by a member of the Devos family, but that’s about all i know. she is a 84′ pacific mariner, was produced by Westport. It appears that the PM 84’ has been discontinued, according to their website.


 Elegante was built in the 1964 by Whitcar, NOT Trumpy, for  Jock Whitney. I would provide more info on him, but that might take up a lot of space. you can read about him by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


She is preparing to depart for an unknown location, possibly the area around Petoskey state park

Owned by the Bill and Pat Anton,  they purchased her in 2010 to fulfill their dream of a summer home on Lake Michigan. Elegante had visited the area many times before the Anton’s acquired her.


To port of Elegante is Canim, another beautiful woody

Built just before the Great Depression at the Lake Union Drydocks, she has traveled much of the American west and east coasts.In the 1950s, she came under the ownership of Clessie Cummins, you know, the Cummins Diesel guy?


Obviously, he put one of his own engines in her, which she still retains today.


She was acquired by the Sutter Family in November 2006 and brought up to Harbor Springs in 2010 she comes in at 96′ long, 18’10” wide, and a depth of 7′, displaces 89 tons, and cruises at 10 knots. Her name is Chinook for Big Chief Canoe. Further research from the yachts website indirectly states that they also own the Chanticleer, which was built across the lake by burger boats, and was originally owned by the Evinrude family. This vessel visited the lakes this year, however, i don’t think it went north of Detroit

for more info on Canim and Elegante, and Westport Yachts, visit their websites




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